Overview of third party benefit administrator’s role in a self-funded group health plan.Though perhaps a bit dated, the ABA Labor & Employment Section has published a thorough ERISA preemption analysis which provides a good starting point for research on the subject. I have collected more current cases here.

A starting place for resolving Medicaid liens.

Some tips for applying the claims procedure regulation to healthcare providers.

ERISA preemption in a nutshell.

Overview of self-fund group health plan operation.

Overview of COBRA requirements.

A Short Course In MEWA’s

  1. Unit 1
  2. Unit 2
  3. Unit 3
  4. Unit 4

TPA Series

  1. Plan Exclusion: Pitfalls To Avoid (TPA Series #1)
  2. Governmental Plans: Pitfalls To Avoid (TPA Series #2)

Practice Tips

  1. ERISA Cross References
  2. How To Identify A Self-Funded ERISA Plan
  3. How To Identify An Exempt Governmental Plan
  4. Due Diligence Checklist

ERISA Plan Information Requests Series

  1. ERISA Plan Information Requests: (Unit 1) Statutory Purpose and Scope
  2. ERISA Plan Information Requests: (Unit 2) Statutory Purpose and Scope
  3. ERISA Plan Information Requests: (Unit 3) Who Is Entitled To Request Plan Information?
  4. ERISA Plan Information Requests: (Unit 4) Who Is Entitled To Request Plan Information?
  5. ERISA Plan Information Requests: (Unit 5) Who Is Entitled To Request Plan Information?

Subrogation Resources

A Subrogation Reader