Gathered here are references to State resources and code provisions regulating MEWA’s. This information should be checked against the State insurance department information for currency.Note that MEWA’s in many cases will not constitute an employee welfare benefit plan at all. For a visual evaluation, see my schematic diagram here. Also, see MEWA series beginning with :: A Short Course In MEWA’s (Unit 1) : Overview

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Elizabeth Bookwalter
Associate Counsel
Alabama Department of Insurance
PH: (334) 241-4117
FAX: (334) 241-7581


Gloria Glover
Chief Financial Examiner
Alaska Division of Insurance
PH: (907) 269-7903
FAX: (907) 269-7898


Sara Farris Associate Counsel
Arkansas Insurance Department
PH: (501) 371-2828
FAX: (501) 371-2639

23-65-101. Unauthorized insurance transactions prohibited.

(a)(1) No person or entity in this state shall act as agent or broker for or otherwise represent or aid any insurer, health maintenance organization, multiple employer welfare arrangement, multiple employer trust, association, or any other person or entity in the solicitation, negotiation, or effectuation of insurance, inspection of risks, fixing of rates, investigation or adjustment of losses, collection of premiums, or in any other manner in the transaction of insurance with respect to subjects of insurance resident, located, or to be performed in this state if that person or entity is not authorized or licensed by the State Insurance Department for those purposes.
(2)(A) No person or entity shall act as a producer, adjuster, or consultant without first obtaining appropriate licensure or registration as required by the insurance laws of this state for the transaction of insurance with respect to subjects of insurance or self-insurance resident, located, or to be performed in this state.

(B) No person or entity shall act as a multiple employer trust or multiple employer welfare arrangement without first obtaining appropriate registration or licensing as required by § 23-92-101.

(C) No person or entity shall act as a third-party administrator for a multiple employer trust, multiple employer welfare arrangement, collectively bargained trust, self-insurance plan, or any other plan providing accident and health insurance benefits to the citizens of this state without first obtaining appropriate registration as required by § 23-92-201 et seq.

(D) Any producer who knows or has reason to know that a health plan is not licensed in accordance with the Arkansas Insurance Code shall immediately report the health plan to the department.

. . .




California Department of Insurance
Financial Analysis Division
300 South Spring Street,
South Tower, 13th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90013
Phone:(213) 346-6423


Beth Ham
Criminal Investigator I
Colorado Division of Insurance
PH: (303) 894-7583
FAX (303) 894-7455



Tony Caporale
Connecticut Department of Insurance
PH: (860) 297-3981
FAX: (860) 297-3872

Connecticut Regulations

Most states, including Connecticut, consider a self-insured MEWA to be an unauthorized insurer. State laws and regulations are applicable to the plans. Further, Connecticut prohibits unauthorized insurance transactions under the Unauthorized Insurers Act, CGS § 38a-271 – § 38a-282, inclusive. Any unauthorized insurer who does any act of insurance business will be fined up to $ 10,000 plus $ 500 for the first offense and an additional $ 500 for each month that the violation continues.Through regulations, Connecticut requires licensed agents, brokers, and insurers to report information to the insurance department before assisting in any manner the transaction of insurance by MEWAs. If a MEWA fails to pay a claim or loss in Connecticut, any person who assisted or aided the plan directly or indirectly in procuring an insurance contract is liable to the insured for the amount of the claim (Conn. Regs. § 38a-272-1 – § 38a-272-10).



Ron Poplos
Financial/Investigative Specialist
Delaware State Department of Insurance
PH: (302) 739-4257×126



Sam Binnun
Director of Market Investigations
Florida Office of Insurance Regulation
PH: (850) 413-2426
FAX: (850) 922-5680



Margaret M. Witten
Chief Enforcement Attorney
Georgia Department of Insurance
PH: (404) 656-2060
FAX: (404) 657-9831



Joan A. Krosch
Health Insurance Coordinator
Idaho Department of Insurance
PH: (208) 334-4300
FAX: (208) 334-4298



Etta Mae Credi
Assistant Deputy Director Corp. Reg.
Illinois Department of Insurance
PH: (217) 782-1757
FAX: (217) 782-5020



Carol A. Mihalik, Esq.
Chief Deputy Commissioner
Consumer Protection Unit
Indiana Department of Insurance
PH: (317) 232 1990
FAX: (317) 234 2103



Kim Cross
Assistant Chief Examiner
Iowa Division of Insurance
PH: (515) 281-4163



Jay Rogers,
Accident & Health Division Supervisor
Kansas Insurance Department
PH: (785) 296-7848
FAX: (785) 291-3673



Sharron Burton
General Counsel
PH: (502) 564-6032
FAX: (502) 564-1456


Ron Musser
Asst. Commissioner
Office of Financial Solvency
Louisiana Department of Insurance
PH: (225) 342-8391
FAX: (225) 342-9203

Trent Beach, Asst. Director
Fraud Division
Louisiana Department of Insurance
PH: (225) 219-7681



Robert Wake
Maine Bureau of Insurance
PH: (207) 624-8430
FAX: (207) 624-8599

Chapter 81: MULTIPLE-EMPLOYER WELFARE ARRANGEMENTS (HEADING: PL 1995, c. 462, Pt. A, §47 (rpr))
§6601. Definitions
§6602. Scope
§6603. General eligibility
§6603-A. Employee leasing companies
§6604. Filing requirements
§6605. Fund balance
§6606. Deficiency in reserves, assets or reinsurance
§6607. Trust deposit or surety bond
§6608. Forms
§6609. Liability of participants
§6610. Termination
§6611. Annual report; actuarial report
§6612. Place of business; records maintenance
§6613. Grounds for denial, suspension or revocation of arrangement
§6614. Violations
§6615. Delinquency proceedings
§6616. Regulatory authority


Todd Cioni
Chief, Life and Health Market Conduct Unit
Maryland Insurance Administration
PH: (410) 468-2235



Kevin Beagan
Director of Managed Care
Massachusetts Department of Insurance
PH: (617) 521-7347



Fran Wallace
Michigan Department of Insurance
PH: (517) 335-2057
FAX: (517) 241-2894



John E. Gross
Minnesota Department of Commerce
Director of Health Care Policy
PH: (651) 297-2319 or 1-800-657-3602
FAX: (651) 282-2568



Joe Hartley
Special Assistant Attorney General
Mississippi Department of Insurance
PH: (601) 359-3577
FAX: (601) 359-2474



Jim Mealer
Audit Manager- Life and Health
Missouri Department of Insurance
PH: (314) 340-7680
FAX: (314) 340-7668


Kathyrn Turner

Missouri Department of Insurance
PH: (573) 751-1922
FAX: (573) 526-4898



Steve Matthews
Montana Department of Insurance
PH: (406) 444-4372
FAX: (406) 444-3497



Jane Francis
Nebraska Department of Insurance
PH: (402) 471-2201
FAX: (402) 471-4601



Betty C. Baker
Insurance Counsel & Hearing Officer
Nevada Division of Insurance
PH: (775) 687-4270
FAX: (775) 687-3937

New Hampshire

Thomas Burke
Chief Examiner
New Hampshire Department of Insurance
PH: (603) 271- 7973 ext. 208
FAX: (603) 271-7029

====================================New Jersey

Lee Barry
Assistant Commissioner
Enforcement and Consumer Protection
New Jersey Department of Insurance
PH: (609) 292-5316 Ext. 50160

New Mexico

Michael Batte
New Mexico Department of Insurance
PH: (505) 827-4625
FAX: (505)-476-0326

New York

Louis Felica
New York Department of Insurance
PH: (212) 480 5061
FAX: (212) 480-6799

Salvatore Castiglione
New York Department of Insurance
PH: (518) 474- 4556
FAX: (518) 474-2188

Unlike some other jurisdictions, New York has not established a regulatory scheme for self-funded MEWAs. Accordingly, unless the self-funded MEWA is otherwise exempt from the requirement to secure a license, it may not operate in New York without a license and, thus being subject to all applicable requirements, including mandated benefits.

Office of General Counsel, September 24, 2003

Cf., Harvey v. Members Employees Trust for Retail Outlets
96 N.Y.2d 99, 748 N.E.2d 1061 (2001)

North Carolina

Terry Dorman
North Carolina Department of Insurance
PH: (919) 733-0310
FAX: (919) 733-0085

North Carolina insurance law provides that the term MEWA means that term as defined by ERISA at 29 U.S.C. § 1002(40)(A). N.C. Gen.Stat. § 58-49-30 (2003).

North Carolina law requires MEWAs be licensed:

It is unlawful to operate, maintain, or establish a MEWA unless the MEWA has a valid license issued by the Commissioner. Any MEWA operating in this State without a valid license is an unauthorized insurer.

845 N.C. Gen.Stat. § 58-49-35 (2003).

See, Long v. Hammond, 164 N.C.App. 486, 596 S.E.2d 839. N.C.App. (2004)


North Dakota

Charles Johnson
General Counsel
North Dakota Insurance Department
PH: (701) 328-4984


Thomas Neiswander
Office of Investigative & Licensing Services
Ohio Department of Insurance
2100 Stella Court
Columbus, OH 43215-1067
PH: (614) 719-1604
FAX: (614) 644-3327


Michael W. Ridgeway
Oklahoma Insurance Department
PH: (405) 521-2746
Fax: (405) 522-0125


Douglas Beck
Market Analyst
Oregon Department of Insurance
PH: (503) 947-7204


Victor N. Dicicco
Chief, Field Investigations
Bureau of Enforcement
Pennsylvania Insurance Department
PH: (717) 787-4372
FAX: (717) 772-4334


Rhode Island
Rollin Bartlett
Rhode Island Insurance Division
Department of Business Regulation
PH: (401) 222-5449
FAX: (401) 222-5475


South Carolina
Gwendolyn L. Fuller
Deputy Director and General Counsel
South Carolina Department of Insurance
PH: (803) 737-6200


South Dakota
Randy Moses
South Dakota Department of Insurance
PH: (605) 773-3563
FAX: (605) 773-5369


John F. Morris
Chief Counsel for Insurance
TN Dept. of Commerce and Insurance
500 James Robertson Parkway
Davy Crockett Tower, 5th Floor
Nashville, TN 37243
PH: (615) 741-2199
FAX: (615) 741-4000


Doug Danzeiser
Legal and Compliance
Texas Department of Insurance
PH: (512) 475-1964


Suzette Green-Wright
PH: (801) 538-9674
FAX: (801) 538-3829

Brian Hansen
PH: (801) 538-3763
FAX: (801) 538-3829


Rebecca C. Heintz, Division Counsel
Director, Health Rates & Forms Section
Vermont Division of Health Care Administration
89 Main Street, Drawer 20
Montpelier, Vermont 05620
PH: (802) 828-2904


Daryl Hepler, AIRC, CFE, FLMI
Senior Insurance Financial Analyst
Virginia Bureau of Insurance
Company Licensing & Regulatory Compliance
PH: (804) 371-9999

A Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangement (MEWA) is a plan or arrangement which is established or maintained for the purpose of offering or providing coverage for health care services to employees of two or more employers or to their beneficiaries. A MEWA that does not have all of its covered benefits insured on a direct basis shall not operate in Virginia without becoming licensed as an insurance company, health maintenance organization, health services plan, or a dental or optometric services plan. Although a MEWA may have all of its covered benefits fully insured, it is neither licensed nor regulated by the Virginia Bureau of Insurance.Please be aware that although a company is authorized, it may not necessarily write your business. If you are having problems with availability, it is suggested that you contact your local agent or the Bureau at Bureau of Insurance or (804) 371-9741.


Carol Sureau
Deputy Commissioner for Legal Affairs
Office of Insurance Commissioner
State of Washington
PH: (360) 725-7050


West Virginia
Gregory A. Elam
Associate Counsel
West Virginia Insurance Commission
PH: (304) 558-0401
FAX: (304) 558-1362


Fred Nepple
General Counsel
Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Insurance
PH: (608) 266-7726
FAX: (608) 264-6228



Stephanie R. Bryant
Staff Attorney
Wyoming Insurance Department
PH: (307) 777-6896
FAX: (307) 777-5895

James Mitchell
Staff Attorney
Wyoming Insurance Department
PH: (307) 777-6889
FAX: (307) 777-5895