:: “Minimizing ERISA Liens in Personal Injury Settlements”

Once again I am giving a seminar on ERISA plan reimbursement and subrogation.  This year the date and time are as follows:

6/17/2016 – Teleconference

Session Time: 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM Eastern

For more information contact the National Business Institute (http://www.nbi-sems.com/contactus.aspx)

The agenda was not exactly of my own making but this is what is scheduled for discussion:

• Synopsis of Significant ERISA Case Law

• Subrogation Versus Reimbursement

• Has the Insured Been Made Whole?

• When a Lien is Effective

• Claim Investigation Tips and Whom to Contact (Insider’s Tips)

• Effect of Supreme Court Decision in Montanile on Plan Rights

• Analysis of Plan Language

• Resolution Strategies – How to Negotiate Successfully

• Common Mistakes and Timing Issues

• Defense Strategies

• Professional Responsibility Issues